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Responsible Electric Installer Statement

The existing legislation (Law 4483/65) stipulates that the internal electrical installations must be inspected and re-inspected by licensed installers of electrical equipment, who issue a relevant Statement submitted to DEDDIE SAThe re-audit is carried out at intervals specified in article 5 of the Deputy Minister of Development's Decision Φ.7.5 / 1816/88 / 27.2.04, published in Government Gazette 470 / 05.03.2004.




When you are required by the depository epresentative by the electric installer:
1. For site construction electrification.
2. After completion of the construction of each electrical installation and before it is commissioned by the user
3. After completion of the relevant operations and before the extension or modified part of the installation
4. After the time limits set by the law to ensure that the degree of security provided by the installation is not reduced due to wear or damage or general damage to the electrical equipment from any cause.
5. When the customer requests a change of name in the PPC account and has expired the PPC certificate.
6. When the customer requests reconnection and has expired the PPC certificate.
7. When the customer requests an increase in PPC power.

An affidavit, a PPC certificate, is issued only after checking the electrical installation to be electrified and after fulfilling the technical specifications for its proper and safe operation. The control is carried out with special measuring and control instruments. If any errors or defects are found, they must first be corrected and a new check be made for the issuance of a PPC certificate.

Please contact us to visit your site and give you more information about the PPC version or some other PPC certificate

For example:

  •  For houses and similar spaces (detached houses, apartments, etc.) at least every 14 years

  • For closed business premises without flammable materials (shops, offices, crafts, industries etc.) at least every 7 years

  • For closed business premises with flammable materials (shops, offices, crafts, industries etc.) at least every 2 years

  •  For entertainment and audience gatherings (cafes, restaurants, theaters, etc.) at least every year

  • For business facilities in the countryside (marinas, swimming pools, camping, etc.) at least every year and in the event of a power failure, before reconnectingfor titles, paragraphs & more.

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