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"PROENCO" - Professional Energy Consultants, was born from the harmonious cooperation of the engineers who staff it. The common vision, hard work and the willness led to to today's format. Its members gather special knowledge in the technology of Renewable Energy Sources, both in the part of study and construction as well as in the subsequent part of their Operation and Maintenance.  Possessing valuable experience, having previously worked on projects of other large technical companies, they are able to undertake and successfully complete any project related to Energy Saving.

"PROENCO" is the right partner for every household customer, private individual, business, organization that wants to take advantage of the Sun, Air and Water, in order to cover their energy needs



The company "PROENCO" has set as its goal its active contribution to the common vision of green development. The realization of the goal is achieved through specialized energy studies and integrated solutions for the application of the technology of renewable energy sources, their supervision and operation, as well as their maintenance.


Our mission, a green, sustainable future!



Corporate responsibility



Knowledge and Experience

Top Quality Services

Personal Treatment

Respect for the Environment

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