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What is Net Metering?

Net-metering or "Self-Production with Energy Offsetting" is the ability to produce yourself, using RES, the electricity you consume, while at the same time remaining connected to the grid, which you use as an energy storage.
Thus, when production is greater than consumption, the surplus is "stored" in the network and used when production is insufficient. The final set-off takes place every three years and therefore the PV system should practically be designed based on your annual consumption.

How It Works

The system connects internally with your home or business with a separate meter that records the energy generated. It may include photovoltaic and / or small wind turbines. At this stage and until the installation conditions for small wind turbines are adopted, only the installation of photovoltaics is envisaged. Production is offset by consumption in each of your clearing accounts. At the end of every three years, if production is greater than consumption, excess is provided free of charge on the grid. If production is lower than consumption, you pay only the difference.


Settlement is performed on each clearing account (counting cycle). In the first liquidator:

  • If it is deducted, the difference in the competitive part of the account is charged

  • Εφόσον προκύπτει ΕΑπορροφηθείσα < ΕΔιοχετυθείσα τότε πιστώνεται στον επόμενο εκκαθαριστικό λογαριασμό, ως πρόσθετη εξερχόμενη ενέργεια.

Οι Ρυθμιζόμενες Χρεώσεις (ΕΤΜΕΑΡ, Συστήμα Μεταφοράς Η.Ε., Δίκτυο Διανομής Η.Ε.) υπολογίζονται σε κάθε εκκαθαριστικό λογαριασμό κατανάλωσης βάσει της Απορροφηθείσας από το Δίκτυο Ενέργειας κατά την αντίστοιχη περίοδο καταμέτρησης.

Οι χρεώσεις για τις ΥΚΩ (Υπηρεσίες Κοινής Ωφέλειας) δεν επηρεάζονται από την τοποθέτηση του Συστήματος Αυτοπαραγωγής. 

We conclude that the higher the percentage of energy consumed directly from production (ie no use of the network), that is, simultaneity, the lower the amount the consumer pays for the regulated charges.


  • The current bill is significantly reduced (excluding City Fees and National TV Fees)

  • Net-metering is about savings rather than income, which could be taxed in the future.

  • Electricity generation is topologically close to consumption, significantly reducing transmission losses.

  • Your Energy imprint is reduced.

  • ΗConnecting to the public grid ensures virtually 100% reliability in electricity.

  • As most of the energy produced will be consumed directly, there will be even greater savings - High production and consumption simultaneity.

  • The energy category of the property is rising due to renewable energy.

  • Sustainable and Tested Development Model of Renewable Energy with Extremely Low Cost of Operation & Maintenance.


  • The existence of an active permanent power supply in the name of the autoproducer.

  • The person concerned has legal use of the system installation space.

  • The person concerned has fully paid off the electricity bills of the supplier concerned.

  • The photovoltaic system is solely associated with a consumption meter, that is, the meter of the plant it supplies

  • The photovoltaic system is placed in the same or adjacent space as the power plant.

  • There should be a Building License or other equivalent Legitimate Document of the site.




Thanks to our long experience in installation applications and photovoltaic design studies, PROENco undertakes to design and install the Net Metering System to make an investment that will deliver the longest guaranteed maximum and meet your individualized needs. We undertake the whole process for you, proposing the best solution!


Please contact us for further information and a declaration of interest

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