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Hot - Spot

At PROENCO we have high-resolution heat chambers whereby our skilled human resources can perform thermography tests on PV installations to diagnose any errors.
The thermal camera uses infrared radiation to process, record and display temperature values - differences through a color combination showing the thermal status of the target. Thermal status is an indicator emitted by all bodies that consume and produce energy and is directly connected to their proper functioning.


Thermography is a non-destructive method, a valuable tool for the engineer and the company, which can prevent unwanted situations.
Thermal inspection enables us to capture the status of the photovoltaic panels in full load and other electrical equipment and to identify any problems such as:

  • In which panels exactly the Hot Spot effect occurs (hot spots - elements that produce less current)

  • In which strings and to what extent does the PID appear?

  • Failure of panels / burned diodes

  • Cable and Electrical Inspection

Thus, in a very simple and graphic way (different coloring) we can draw conclusions that we can not detect by simple measurements or would take too long.


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