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PROENco is the optimal solution for PV Station Maintenance and Operation, as it can ensure the uninterrupted operation of your plant, maximum productivity and therefore maximum profitability of your investment.
PROENco has specialized electrical engineers with long-term experience in the maintenance of PV Stations and covers all the activities required for the maintenance and operation of a photovoltaic project.

Why do I maintain?

PV plants are investments with a life span of at least 25 years. Their facilities are constantly exposed to weather conditions and natural phenomena, resulting in long-term strain on electromechanical and other equipment.
The Regular Maintenance of Photovoltaic Parks every six months is recommended by all manufacturers of used materials and machines for the smooth and chronic operation of the system.

What maintenance includes:

Photovoltaic Panels Control

  • Visual frame state control

  • Frame support visual inspection

  • Sample inspection of panel support clamps

  • Sample Frame Measurement

  • Frame framing


Mechanical inspection

  • Visual Tracker Test

  • Tracking system movable parts

  • Lubricate any moving parts

  • Oil and Nitrogen Pressure Check

  • Check for leaks

  • Testing base bolt clamping

  • Checking support brackets for possible damage

  • Grease at the required points

Electrical control

  • Electrical Panel Control and Thermography

  • Checking Calibration

  • Grounding Measurement and Continuity Check

  • RCD Operation Test

  • Control of Security and Surveillance Systems

Inverter Control

  • Visual Inspection of External State of Inverters

  • Inverter support and grounding test.

  • Apply annual inverter maintenance

  • Check DC & AC cable clamps inside the inverter (if applicable)

Benefits of Regular Maintenance of Photovoltaic Parks:

Ensure uninterrupted operation and high plant productivity.

Maximize the operating performance of the photovoltaic system installation.


Delay the wear / aging process of the equipment.


Reduce the likelihood of accidents resulting in the protection of physical integrity and human life.

Increase in the resale value of the plant.


Reduced by 80% of the damage occurring due to either total lack of maintenance or poor maintenance.

Prerequisite for ensuring the warranty of the equipment.

Condition for any compensation from your insurance company.

Interventional Maintenance of Photovoltaic Parks

In case of failure or malfunction of a Photovoltaic Station, we undertake the diagnosis and, if necessary, repair the damage, always respecting our commitment to respond within 48 hours of the error detection.

In order to be able to promptly mobilize PROENCO at your request, we have invested in specialized metering instruments to offer you vertical diagnosis and recovery services:

Instruments for measuring plant string performance .


Instruments for measuring grounding resistance as well as insulation of cables (Macrotest HT5035, Benning IT 120B).

Heat Cameras (Fluke TiS50).

Warehouse with basic spare parts for electrical equipment and trackers.

All measurements are made using special calibrated instruments
Upon completion of regular maintenance,
PROENCO - Pro Energy Consultants provides the manufacturer with reports of audit findings, work confirmation reports and installation optimization suggestions, as long as there are indications of poor system performance and reduced power generation.

Now maintain your Photovoltaic station and protect your investment!

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