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Net Metering
of residences

In a few words

With the term Net Metering, we mean energy self-production alongside energy offsetting. TheNet Meteringit can be applied by the ordinary consumer by building a photovoltaic system in his home.

Case Study Net Metering  Our Home Customer

A home in Greece with a consumption of 2,500kWh every four months, invests in Net Metering 5kWp. This plant has a production capacity of about 7,500 kWh / year, which is the demand for the household:

  • Average Energy Cost of Electricity Providers: - € 0.16 / kWp *

  • Annual savings from accounts: 1,000 € - 1,200 € / year

  • Cost of Investment (the price is adjusted according to the parameters): 5.000 € plus VAT

  • Years of depreciation: 5-6 years

  • Total Economic Benefit (25 years): € 24,000


Greater money savings are achieved if power consumption is synchronized with photovoltaic production. This promotes self-consumption of energy, which is also more ecological!
The calculations in the self-generation example have been made with the current values. Any future increase in electricity tariffs will lead to a reduction in the depreciation time of the investment and an increase in its economic benefit. Please note that the Net Metering installation does not have any particular maintenance needs and the life expectancy of the individual machines is quite large.

*The kilowatt hour price (kWh) includes a percentage of the Regulated Charges (ETMEAR, Distribution and Transmission Network)

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