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ΚΝΧ  is the world standard for home and building control.
It is an open global standard certified by CENELEC (European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization) as the European Standard for Home and Building Electronic Systems (EN 50090 series). Also approved as a global standard (ISO / * IEC 14543-3).
It allows the interconnection of the electrical functions of a building into a single Bus network which is programmed by a specialized ETS software.


The KNX fits into all the buildings

  • Easy adaptation of the installation to the specific and constantly changing needs of the users without the need to change, modify or add wiring.

  • It can be interfaced with other systems

  • More amenities and amenities

  • Flexibility because users decide when and how different devices and installations will work.

  • Increase the transparency of the installation

  • Reduce wiring and simplify installation 

  • No central control via computer.

  • Perform central functions (eg central OFF).

  • Implementation of complex operational scenarios

  • Local remote control features

  • Remote control of the installation.

  • KNX is green:  Power saving up to 60% with KNX control

Advantages of KNX technology:

High quality products

ETS a tool for KNX

Manufacturer, device and application independent software tool for:




All certified KNX devices

  • The KNX can be used for all applications

  • Lighting control

  • Power control

  • Ventilation

  • Air conditioning control

  • Fire detection and smoke detection

  • Heating control

  • Control of home appliances

  • Check Rolls

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