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By Net Metering, we mean energy self-production alongside energy netting. Net Metering can be applied by farmers, livestock farmers and fishermen. With the installation of the appropriate photovoltaic system, the needs for electricity, the pumping operation, the irrigation of the fields, the poultry and livestock units, the greenhouses etc. can be covered, thus significantly reducing their operating costs.

Particularly for those registered in the Register of Farmers and Agricultural Holdings Virtual Net Metering is allowed, ie it is possible to install the plant in a different location than the consumption facility or premises.

So farmers can now install PVs or small wind turbines in places that are suitable, even if they are away from the electricity consumption areas, as they are not fit to bind part of the arable land they exploit.



Net Metering and Virtual Net Metering is a truly profitable and cost-effective investment for agrarian & livestock businesses as it contributes substantially to reducing production costs and consequently to increasing your revenue ...

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