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Automation is the field of science and technology that deals with machines and devices that perform the expected functions "on their own", that is without human effort.
In particular, Automation includes:
> examining and understanding the mechanisms through which a phenomenon is driven to have one or the other behavior. This understanding of the causes that define the functions of a phenomenon is also called systems analysis
> control, ie the enforcement of the desired or beneficial behavior or even the prevention of a dangerous or loss-making development.


Automation applications

Dozens of automation applications control the operation of simple devices that we use daily. A simple automation device, for example, ensures that the water heater has the desired behavior, ie it keeps the water in the home-safe temperature

Below some of the automation applications:

  • Industrial Automation (study - design - installation)

  • Control systems for AC / DC motors (Speed, Tension, Torque, Position) using Inverter, Soft starter, Dc drive, Servo drive.

  • Design automation panel design for greenhouse crops

  • Automation systems using PLC controllers for process control, touch screens, industrial instruments, actuators, relays

  • Design and construction of Automation Boards; Modernization of existing facilities.


        To get information about automation systems and their operation, please contact us.


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