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Potential Induced Degradation (PID) is often found among photovoltaic panels operating with photovoltaic cells (solar cells). It may appear only a few years after the installation of a photovoltaic station, and its specificity lies in the fact that it can start from a single photovoltaic panel and gradually expand to more, even on all panels, if not addressed in time.
The phenomenon occurs more often in areas with high temperatures or humidity, and especially in the frames closest to the negative pole of a string.


PROENCO , offers services for the diagnosis and final treatment of the phenomenon, significantly restoring the performance of your PV plant frames.
In cases where a PID phenomenon is detected , a PID box is installed to restore the performance of the frames.

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It is especially important to identify the PID infestation in time, as if it is not detected early there is a risk of no treatment, and the recovery time is a function of the time of attack.

The phenomenon in its early stages of development is not easily perceived, except through the use of specialized instruments. When the phenomenon is expanded, it is even perceived by the dramatic reduction of photovoltaic power production. But then it may be too late.

For this purpose, PROENCO is doing control of photovoltaic panels to identify the PID effect with certified measuring instruments:

  • Measurement of characteristic current curve electricity voltage,IV

  • Thermal camera measurements

  • Electroluminescence measurements


According to the I-V test (I-V curve), compose test reports, necessary documents required for an insurance claim.


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