Entrepreneurs and professionals in every industry have a daily gain in their work, from downsizing in electricity tariffs, through Net Metering. The Self-Generating Program allows you to generate electricity through a PV system installed in your business. This production is offset in each consumption clearance cycle, thus drastically reducing the cost of electricity you pay to PPC or another alternative provider. At the same time, it helps protect the environment, as the energy produced comes from the sun and is pure and inexhaustible.


It works for your benefit:

Net Metering is an excellent tool for any business that wants to invest in green energy. With a very simple process, with a very easy implementation, at a relatively low cost and with a short payback period, Net Metering looks like an ideal investment. Both the economic benefits and the positive environmental impact are such that every modern business has to invest in clean energy through Net Metering!

It concerns you:

Energy netting is for private individuals, businesses and legal entities governed by public and private law, which either own the site in which the photovoltaic system is installed or have its lawful use ( eg. by leasing, free of charge, etc.) and have secured the written consent of the site owner.

An enterprise in Greece with an annual consumption of 85,000kWh, invests in Net Metering 50kWp. This plant has a production capacity of approximately 82,000 kWh / year.

  • Average Energy Cost of Electricity Providers: 0.125 € / kWp

  • Annual Savings on Accounts: € 10,250 / year

  • Cost of Investment (the price is adjusted according to the parameters): 36.000 € plus VAT

  • Years of depreciation: about 4 years

  • Total Economic Benefit (25 years): 220,500 €


The calculations in the self-generation example have been made with the current values for Low Voltage. Any future increase in electricity tariffs will lead to a reduction in the depreciation time of the investment and an increase in its economic benefit. Please note that the Net Metering installation does not have any particular maintenance needs and the life expectancy of the individual machines is quite large.

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