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Washing Photovoltaic Frames :

It is estimated that the deposition of dust on the surface of the Photovoltaic Panels, in addition to reducing the longevity of the equipment, is responsible for an annual reduction in the production of our Photovoltaic Park and consequently lost profits of up to 20%. The costs to clean up the Photovoltaic Parks are only a small part of these losses. The "dirt" on the Photovoltaic Panels comes from dust, mud, pollen, bird droppings, salts, chemical compounds, etc. 

The frequency with which the cleaning should be repeated depends on various factors such as the quality of the soils of the area, the natural phenomena, the microclimate and the flora/fauna of the area. In any case, it is recommended to clean the PV plants at least twice a year before and after the summer period, when the largest productions are expected.

In PROENco we undertake the periodic cleaning of PV Panels with the exclusive use of deionized water and special thin brushes, which do not cause damage to the surface of the panels. We also take into account all the required parameters, in order to avoid sudden temperature changes on the surface of the frames and to prevent their possible breakage.

Environmental Deforestation :

It is natural that many of us do not perceive the vegetation in our Photovoltaic Park as a very serious danger. But the reality is very different! 

Beyond the obvious and easily perceived risks: 

  • Increased chance of fire

  • Bugs that can hide in dense vegetation with particularly destructive habits like those of mice.

  • Shading of Photovoltaic Panels


Deforestation of the fields at least once a year is therefore considered imperative. H PROENco is able to provide you with careful mechanical weeding/shrubbing with petrol powered machines, without the panels being exposed to danger from the flying objects, as well as collection and removal of the vegetative mass resulting from the clearing.

There is another "hidden danger", especially in those cases where the vegetation grows uncontrollably on the back side of the Photovoltaic Frames and reaches a height, almost touching the photovoltaic panels. This vegetation may seriously affect the production of our park, as this vegetation holds very high humidity rates.
Trapped vegetation moisture can negatively affect two very important factors of production: R-ISO and the acceleration of the P.I.D. (Potential Induced Degradation).

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