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As Off Grid System defines the Photovoltaic System that does not need an interface with the public grid (DEDDIE) to operate. It works autonomously and stores energy in accumulators (batteries).

An Autonomous System consists of:

Solar panels → They convert solar energy into electricity

Charge Controller →Defines the operation of PV panels & regulates the voltage for charging the batteries

Accumulators (Batteries) → They store electricity

DC/AC inverter (inverter) →Converts direct current to alternating 



PROENco undertakes the design, supply, installation and operation of autonomous power generation systems on boats (yachts and sailboats) and caravans using photovoltaics and/or wind turbines. This way your boat/motorhome can have an additional back-up source of power, independent of liquid fuel or the infrastructure of marinas.



Solar pumping with photovoltaics is the solution for pumping water in remote areas and in cases where a diesel pump needs to be avoided. Solar water pumping works with electricity, which is produced by the photovoltaic panels. The pump runs continuously as long as there is sunlight until the tank is full.



A backup system is considered absolutely necessary in cases where there are needs for a continuous supply of electricity, but this is not guaranteed by the provider or the network manager itself. Autonomous systems with storage can be well used as back-up systems of uninterrupted electricity supply at a lower cost than a UPS and with a performance many times higher both in terms of duration and sine purity.

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